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Car Rental Reservations 24h
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Visa Partner - Rent a Car

Rent a car at Movida and pay less.
Up to 10 interest-free installments*.

  • One 27-hours day: 3 free extra hours on the day you return the vehicle;
  • Category Upgrade**;



The partnership between VISA Credit Cards and Movida is an offer for car rentals at Movida in special conditions, exclusively designed for VISA clients. This partnership provides discounts on the daily rental rates listed in the National Pricelist of Movida for reservations made via Reservation Center (0800-606-8686), Hotsite or directly in Movida stores.


  • Special discounts in car rentals;
  • One 27-hours day: 3 extra free hours on the day you return the vehicle;
  • Free mileage up to the 27th day;
  • More than 160 locations over the country;
  • The newest fleet in Brazil;
  • * Payment valid only for credit cards issued in Brazil;
  • ** Category upgrade groups "A" to "B", "F" to "H" and "F" to "K".

You can reserve a car calling our Reservation Center (0800-606-8686), mentioning VISA Partnership. You can also hire the car rental directly at Movida shops according to the commercial conditions of the partnership or via the partnerships hotsite.

The minimum location time period in partnership conditions is one (1) 24-hour day, and the maximum time period is thirty (30) days. In order to take advantage of the partnerships benefits after that period, you can make a new reservation, return the rented vehicle and pick up the vehicle corresponding to the new reservation.

Upgrade category "F" to "C" the minimum rental period is five(5) daily.

As a VISA client, you can make as many reservations as you need.

After confirmation, the reservation is guaranteed for a maximum time period of two (2) hours from the agreed rental beginning. After that time, the customer will depend on the availability of the reserved car in the store. In case there is no available vehicle, the customer shall lose his/her rights to the commercial terms provided for in this partnership.

Hiring the LDW Protection is mandatory: Protection against burglary, theft, fire and total loss of the VEHICLE, damage or malfunction caused to the VEHICLE by collisions and/or accidents. The Lessee and the driver must bear the co-participation burden corresponding to the rented VEHICLE and accident, according to the terms established in the RENTAL AGREEMENT. Contracting of the other protections is optional for the driver.

There will be an administration fee of 12% on the total amount.

There are no mileage limits for vehicles rented up to 27 days. From the 28th to the 30th day there will be a mileage limit and an amount charged for each additional mile, according to the information on the current Movida Fee List. This limit includes the whole period of the Rental Agreement, that is, from the 1st to the 30th day.

If the rented car is returned in another city than the city it was picked up, the corresponding Return Fee will be charged for distances longer than 20 km between the store the car was picked up and the store it was returned.

The payment for the rental will be done at the time of return, exclusively with the VISA credit card in name of the Lessee.

The offered discounts are not cumulative with any other discounts offered by Movida, even those related to another partnership.

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