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Multiplus Partner

Win Multiplus points at Movida


You win 2 Multiplus points* for every R$1* for all groups; besides having special fees with free kilometers and insurances included.
*Punctuation only valid for diaries and protections, do not punctuate administrative fees, among others.

Monthly rentals do not accumulate points.

Parceiro Multiplus

To accumulate: Click here and accumulate now.

To redeem: Click here and redeem now.

*Terms and conditions:

  • Rent installment in 10x, interest-free;
  • Valid for withdrawals until 08/31/2017;
  • Check for credit cards accepted by Movida;
  • Rent subject to vehicles' availability, in case you do not make a reservation;
  • Non-cumulative promotion;
  • Before renting, check requirements and rent conditions;
  • Administrative fees will be charged separately.

How it works

Exchange Multiplus points at Movida

The partnership between Movida Aluguel de Carros and Multiplus is even better: in addition to gaining points in car rentals, you’ll be able to use them to rent a car without putting your hand in your pocket. It’s the two-way benefit we’ve all been waiting for! Keep adding points and use them at other Multiplus partners too.


Multiplus is the network that puts all the points you earn from your credit card purchases, airline tickets, hotel rates in a single account and exchange them for over than 420 thousand options of products and services. Learn more at


Use your Multiplus points to rent the car you want!

You can go even farther with less points. Rent a car at Movida with promotional Multiplus points*. Compare and enjoy.

Group A 3,400 points
Group B 4,300 points
Group C 6,200 points
Group D 7,000 points
Group F 9,200 points
Group FX 10,900 points
Group H 11,800 points
Group J 8,500 points
Group K 9,300 points
Group L 6,200 points
Group M 6,900 points
Group Q 12,000 points
Group S 23,500 points
Group W 19,300 points

* Promotion valid until 31/12/2016



  • To rescue points at MOVIDA, the customer should always make the reservation at the Multiplus site;
  • Vouchers will not be sent. The only guarantee is the reservation in the system;
  • No points will be earned when you rent a car by rescuing your existing points;
  • The customer's reservation confirmation number is the same as the one already used by Movida;
  • The customer receives all necessary information for the rental in the confirmation email;
  • The rate includes: LDW, ALI protections, administration rate and unlimited mileage.
Changing Reservations:

  • To change the reservation, the customer must contact Movida 24-hour Reservation Center at 0800 606 8686;
  • Changes must be made at least 48 hours before retrieving the vehicle. It’s possible to transfer the vehicle retrieval date to three months from the original reservation date, subject to online availability;
  • In case of NO SHOW, the customer will lose his/her right to use the rental in the future;
  • In case of cancellation after the rescue of points, the rescued points will not return to the participant. We suggest changing the date for retrieval in this case.
  • It’s not possible to increase the number of days if the reservation was made by rescue of points. You’ll have to make a second reservation at Multiplus site and go to the store to sign two different contracts;
  • If you made a reservation by rescuing points and would like to postpone the return date, please contact Movida 24-hour Reservation Center at 0800 606 8686 to check availability and the difference of price you’ll be charged.
Earning Multiplus Points:

  • On Movida Multiplus customer accumulates 2 Multiplus points at each R$1*;
  • *Punctuation only valid for daily rates and protections, no administrative fees, among others additional.
  • Valid for withdrawals from 08/01/2017
  • Score valid until the 27th day.